Marketing via Whatsapp

Dhimant, CEO of The Better India shares dope on Distribution and Marketing via Whatsapp.

We’ve all (99%) been quite annoyed with forwards on Whatsapp groups — but if you’ve pondered deeper on it — it’s easy to see just how brilliant a distribution hack Whatsapp is for those very forwards.

Dhimant has built this out at The Better India — and on this webinar we hosted, he talks about Distribution and Marketing via Whatsapp — their experiments with message — types, content, frequencies, and how all of it collectively affected Brand visibility.

This webinar is based on experiments and observations, parts of which include:

  • Whatsapp being a manual platform — how The Better India team tried automating, ensuring they stood parallel to the app’s legal expectations — something most APIs available online to leverage Whatsapp fail on.
  • Insights for B2B players
  • Tricks to avoid saturation by playing smart with content — virality of content.
  • How to target, based on demographic, linguistics, etc.

The second half is a Q&A session with Dhimant and his tech lead, Jagan, answering most doubts. Honestly — the Q&A has a LOT of useful insights and more — don’t miss it.

If you still have questions, shoot in the comments below. :)