The Bold Kiln Digital Marketing Class: 2/n

We have and continue to work with a bunch of startups supporting them on their marketing efforts, with specific attention to their digital marketing as well. This is the second in the series of posts with our thoughts, insights and observations on the same. Please send feedback / suggestions to

In this post, we get into a few interesting case studies that we’ve seen / like / have been a part of.

Case Study 1: The Doolally Quiz

Doolally (adj: temporarily deranged or feeble-minded) is a microbrewery in Pune. With a tagline ‘giving great head since 2009', and two taprooms in Bombay, they’ve got a loyal following to say the least. 
They’ve created a property — the Doolally Quiz; an offline + online weekly quiz which brings in a LOT of users, attention, banter and what not. (PS — credit to Choose to Thinq which is the company that manages &runs this for Doolally).

Wednesdays at the Taprooms & Fridays on Twitter, they conduct a quiz. First few right answers get a coupon for a free pint.

We believe through this quiz, Doolally isn’t really trying to drive awareness or sales of their beer, but is rather trying to build a certain persona and culture. A community of people who visit the brewery, chill, network, have fun and as a side, have a couple of beers.

A super marketing initiative with tangible benefits, with over 100 people participating in the contest, and new ones joining the club every week.

Case Study 2: Athlos Activewear*

Athlos is a niche activewear brand. With apparel made from bamboo fabric and silver, its USPs are anti-odour, sustainable fabric based, and high performance apparel.

Athlos chose a marketing strategy built on a) brand b) community and c) word of mouth. They did a few things that we believe helped them immensely:

  1. Product
    Built a very high quality product, and had faith in it. Were happy to receive negative feedback publicly, given it created conversation and discussion on the product as well.
  2. Word of Mouth + Influencer marketing
    Reached out to select influencers in the running community and sent them the product for feedback. 
    Through their feedback, which some publicly shared, there was a strong ripple of word of mouth spreading in the community and awareness seeing immediate spikes.
  3. Community focus for Network effect
    Targeted the running community with a mild focus on Bombay — created a lot of conversation and banter within closely knit circles.
  4. Overall Attitude
    Humanised the brand — was a human interacting with people; approachable, friendly, witty. 
    Drove home the minimal + true to oneself values. E.g. influencers were told to share their genuine feedback — positive or negative, publicly.

Results: Sold out 1st inventory + continue to sell a major % of inventory basis word of mouth and the networks established at the outset, as these expand.

*Disclaimer: Abhishek, our CEO, is an Advisor at Athlos, and Bold Kiln has worked with Athlos on their Social + Content strategy and execution in the past and periodically continues to extend support when required.

Do you have any interesting case studies you’ve seen and/or be a part of?
Do share with us — we’d love to profile them as well!