The Startup Weekly: #35

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The Product Death Cycle

What is the Product Death Cycle? Why does it happen, and how does one break out of it? Excellent article as always, by Andrew Chen.

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How to Get Startup Ideas

A very long, but equally insightful read on how to come up with ideas for high potential startups. Evergreen Business Weekly calls it ‘The Best Thing Ever Written on Startup Ideas’.

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Time for some introspection, if you’ve recently been funded. Are you seeing genuine user engagement, or is the froth in your market due to the money you’re pumping in? In other words, do you have momentum? Or do you have fauxmentum?

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First to Product-Market Scale

What’s better — being a first mover or a fast follower? Is the term ‘first mover advantage’, or is it ‘first mover disadvantage’? If you’re confused, read this — first or second mover doesn’t matter. What matters is — are you the first to product-market scale?

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The most important piece of advice for folks starting their careers

Must read from Jason Calacanis, one of the foremost angel investors in the US. Even if he says so himself.

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The Best Conditions For Building A Unicorn

Good read on the characteristics of unicorns. TL:DR: your best chance of creating a unicorn is to focus on revenue growth, rather than user growth.

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15 mobile growth hacks that improve user experience

How do you retain users, when the average app loses 90% of its users within 30 days? The ninth “We miss you” notification isn’t going to work where the first eight failed. Try these 15 hacks instead.

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16 product things I learned at Imgur

A quick, useful read if you’re building / plan to build a tech product. My favorite — “Find the one thing you need to get right and spend most of your time on it. You can screw up basically everything else.”

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