The Startup Weekly: #40

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Apps versus the web

As many companies shut down their mobile websites in favor of apps, a timely piece of advice. Ask yourself the question — Do people want to put your app on their home screen? If no, then you need a webapp.

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Flowchart: The Decision Making Process of a Seed VC

A transparent look at one seed-stage VC’s decision tree.

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Mobile first

Instead of thinking of the things you can’t do on a mobile because of the small screen and no keyboard, we should rather think of the PC as having the basic, cut-down, limited version of the internet, because it only has the web. It’s the mobile that has the whole internet.

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102 lessons learned along my journey

This is not a listicle (even I thought it was Buzzfeed-style clickbait). It’s a collection of carefully considered lessons learnt by Buffer’s CEO along the way — 10 weekly newsletters worth!

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Everyone Starts With Nothing (Stop Making Excuses)

It’s easy to come up with reasons why you won’t succeed. It also ensures that you never will.

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Do Things that Don’t Scale

An old classic from Paul Graham of Y Combinator. Startup enthusiasts often dismiss new, seed-stage business models, saying, “This isn’t scalable”. But often enough, you need to do a few unscalable things to get your startup off the ground.

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How I got 2.3 million app downloads (without spending a cent on marketing)

Longish read, but an interesting one. The story of how an app built in 6 hours got 2.3 million downloads, generated a full-time salary and was acquired after 18 months.

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How to name your startup

Joel Gascoigne of Buffer on coming up with the right name for your startup quickly, so you can get to building your product.

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What The Heck Are My Startup Options Worth?

You just received a job offer from a startup which includes 50,000 stock options. That is wonderful…or is it?

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