Depression is good.

Recently, I started reading blogs that talks about depression and how people fight back. It’s all the same content wrapped up in a hundred different ways. A depressed individual would never know that he/she is depressed unless and untill they read or get to know about it through someone else. I was depressed for some months and never knew that I was suffering from depression. I thought it’s constant misery that’s holding my head. It made me immobile. Post depression, I understood that depression makes a person remove their mask and makes them as opaque as possible. A depressed individual is actually the real person who’s hiding behind the mask. The state of misery had not taught me anything. If you are least bothered about existence, why would you care to learn new stuff. Infact, depressed souls feel at home when they hear the word ‘depression’. You think I’m hyping it right? You won’t once you enter the Zen state of getting depressed. That’s where the light enters the eye. It makes you talk to your mind, settle for something that’s a win-win for both the mind and the soul. Things get settled upon as peace is enforced. That’s how my backend process looked like. It may change for each and every other person based on how strong depression had anchored their minds. Such souls love to read about their state in a detailed way, that’s why there are so many blogs and content about depression. That’s why I am writing this down now. I think every other person should go through depression. It’s not an institution to impart things. You get nothing out of it. You turn opaque. An opaque soul is devoid of intruders. Depression is good. It can affect your physical health on a longer run, but it’s worth it. Rock is opaque, glass isn’t. I’m sure you find strength in rock rather than glass.

Cheers to all the depressed souls out there! Long live!

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