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Introducing Pendect — A community-driven TL;DR news platform

Well, hello there! We are Ashley, Christoph and Érico and we are the founders of Pendect: a news platform that’s built on community contribution, media transparency and individual content personalization. Pendect is giving you the TL;DR of what’s happening around you.

Last year we got together to start building a platform we believe will change the way you interact with news. With Pendect we are reinventing the way you navigate your daily flood of news -by breaking the standard article format into smaller pieces and boiling it down to the important facts and figures of each event. As a result, you will be able to gather knowledge of daily news and long-running stories in an instant.

During the late summer months, we started bringing Pendect’s vision to life by creating user flows, defining technical requirements and creating community guidelines. We drafted our first designs and built our first proof of concept while simultaneously working on our pitch deck and reaching out to investors.

First of many work dinners.

By November Christoph and Érico had quit their jobs, I finished up most of my client work and we were ready to dive into Pendect fully. We founded our company and went through legal papers, tax matters and various other things before setting a date for the signing of our shareholders’ agreement.

On December 12th, 2019 we finally set foot into the office of our notary, alongside our investors who not only trust us to build something great but also believe in our mission.

Us with some of our investors, yay!

Pendect is building a community-driven news platform.

  1. Staying up to date on current news events is tricky. Let’s face it, keeping up with all the news sometimes feels like a full-time job. Pendect makes it easy for you to have an eye on all the topics you’re invested in by giving you a TL;DR version with all the relevant details while omitting personal views and sentiments.
  2. Getting a comprehensive overview of one topic takes a lot of time. Numerous outlets cover the same topic over and over again while other topics are hardly reported on. Pendect is offering a new take on traditional media: by displaying news in short, factual and neutral bits sorted chronologically into topics you’ll never miss out on important events and have all the key information in one place.
  3. Local news are declining. Newsrooms in smaller cities and less populated regions are closing, leaving their population uninformed on what is happening in their neighbourhoods. Pendect enables them to inform each other, pentributing the latest news and uploading pictures and videos as primary sources. This way local communities — which are an integral part of our democracies — are strengthened.
  4. You have to check multiple sites to get the information you want. Keeping track of global, local as well as niche news events takes you on a trip throughout the internet. With Pendect you have to check one platform to get caught up on all your topics.
  5. Get informed by peers of your community. Contributions by the civil society are a scarce commodity in today’s news. Eyewitness reports are subjected to censorship and local accounts are hardly found. By having Pentributors from all around the world, Pendect is giving you not only the opportunity to read up on global news but also the chance to get informed on what is happening around you.

What’s to come:

Being in a closed alpha, Pendect is currently reaching out to people who are passionate about helping us democratize the news world by becoming early pentributors and help shape the future of Pendect. If you’re interested in being a part of the community, sign up here to become a pentributor or reach out to us directly at




A new news feed awaits you.

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