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ApeCoin Compounder by Pendle

Apes, ApeCoin staking is about to get a whole lot easier!

For days, the Pendle team combed through the $APE staking contract, staked out the app, then the realisation struck us — we could help you do less, earn more. So, we went ahead and did it.

Introducing the Pendle $APE Compounder.

The What

The Pendle $APE Compounder is intended to be an absolutely free-to-use public good, built for Apes by Apes. No fees, no charges.

Only the basic $APE pool will be supported by the Compounder

There are 4 separate pools set up for $APE staking — $APE, BAYC, MAYC, and BAKC. Only the basic $APE pool will be supported by the Compounder for your stress-free compounding needs.

The contract is also 100% transparent and can be verified on our Github here.

The Why

ApeCoin staking is cool. You stake $APE, you earn $APE — simple, straightforward, beautiful, could be better.

The problem with native $APE staking is that it doesn’t compound. This means, if you want to hit the maximum potential of your $APE, you need to be manually claiming and re-staking your rewards all the time.

That’s way too much effort, especially for a bunch of rich, futuristic bored apes who want to and should remain bored.

Staking should be fuss-free, low-effort. With the Pendle Compounder, $APE holders will be able to compound rewards passively. Do less, earn more.

The How

Staking on the Pendle $APE Compounder is really just as simple as clicking on one button.

Simply input the amount of $APE you’d like to stake. Approve and confirm the transaction and that’s it.

Similarly, unstaking is also pretty much a one-button process. Input the amount of $APE to be unstaked, approve, confirm, and you’re done!

Oh and before we end things off here, rumour has it that there’ll be another surprise lined up for the Ape community later this week 😉

So stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled, Apes!



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