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April Update

April highlight: Contracts have been sent for audit.

The past month has been full throttle towards V2. Let’s take a breather and check out some updates in April 👇


Our V2 contracts have been finalized, and believe us it is absolutely jam-packed with juicy innovations. Of course, we can’t get too excited about new tech without first addressing our contract security. We have already engaged our first auditor with 2 more lined up.

V2 UI Design

Thanks to our wonderful design tag team, ur V2 UI design is complete and it looks *chef’s kiss* beautiful. App development works are now running in parallel with contract audits. Here’s a 1-page sneak peek:

Pendle Internship Program

We all have a part to play in growing the DeFi community, and Pendle strongly believes that having strong developer talent is a key pillar of this growth.

We have been engaging students from universities from all over the world, and onboarding them into DeFi — we’ve got a cheerful bunch of interns joining us this spring to ramp up our execution.

With the strong foundational knowledge provided by the DeFi veterans here at Pendle, their talent will surely flourish, and eventually contribute to the overall growth of DeFi.

V2 has been a project long in the making for us, and we are so excited to be finally able to showcase our brainchild to the world. Thanks for all your invaluable support, and as usual, stay tuned for more v2 updates!



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