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Jan 2022 Update (100M Volume!)

$100,000,000 in trading volume across YT and OT pools!

It’s been fascinating to see traders taking advantage of the yield fluctuations during the market turmoil, giving a significant boost to our trading volume. We saw yield bulls stack up on YT, expecting a yield hike. On the other hand, wary traders flocked to OT to hedge, obtaining instant returns on their yield-bearing assets.

On that note, here’s a January recap on Pendle 👇

Supercharged Zap!

You can now zap into Pendle farms with a single token on Avalanche. Major tokens can be zapped to a staked LP position on Pendle in just 1 click!

New look!

Toggle between compact-view or separated YT and OT markets! Just a small quality of life improvement for our traders, as we prepare for more assets to come. 👀 Look out for more UI updates as we build towards our v2!

Treasury Management with Pendle x BENQI

The BENQI team deployed their treasury into Pendle’s qiUSDC & qiAVAX pools, obtaining fixed rates of 18% and 25% respectively. These rates were immediately earned in USDC, ready to be redeployed at any moment.

For qiAVAX, this highlights a key proposition: Avalanche-native protocols holding AVAX can easily earn cashflows in USDC, without the need to sell their AVAX position.

What’s next?

Devs don’t stop shipping, expect an update on Pendle’s Ethereum staking pool, further supercharged zap, and a couple of new assets soon! We’re also working on a significant system overhaul which we’re eager to share about in the coming weeks!

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