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Liquidity Drop Bootstrapping — Details

Update Apr 27th 15:32 UTC: PENDLE/ETH ratio updated
Update Apr28th 16:04 UTC: Included tx hash and original liquidity drop methodology message<see below>

This post will contain information specific to the LDB. Important details will be updated in this post prior to the launch.

  1. This is the official Pendle page to participate in the LDB.
    The “Get $PENDLE on Balancer” button will be activated the moment the pool is open.
  2. The price of ETH for initial seeding was pegged on Apr 27th 14:00 UTC at $2552 based on the ETH/USDC spot price on Binance.
    Initial ETH/PENDLE Ratio: 0.00017633
  3. A total of 16,582,875 PENDLE will be available for the event.
  4. Here are the contract addresses of PENDLE token and the PENDLE/ETH pool contract address for your reference:
    Token Contract Address: 0x808507121B80c02388fAd14726482e061B8da827
    Balancer Pool Address:
  5. Following is the SHA256 hash of the methodology for liquidity drops. The exact message will be revealed after the LDB event for verification.
  6. Swap fee: 1% for both buying and selling.
  7. Remember to check your slippage — High slippage allowance means a higher possibility of high-risk trade execution. Do not ape in without understanding slippage settings!

Follow our Telegram channel and join our Discord for updates during the LDB. Follow us on Twitter for general updates on Pendle.


To verify the validity of the message above, do check the timestamp and SHA256 hash of the message in this tx:



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