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Pendle Raises $3.7M to Create the Next Layer of DeFi Yield Markets

We’re excited to announce the investors supporting Pendle’s vision for creating the next layer of DeFi yield markets.

Led by Mechanism Capital, we’re grateful to have raised $3.7M in our private round, with support from the following funds and individuals: Capital, Hashkey Capital, Spartan Group, CMS, imToken, DeFi Alliance, Lemniscap, LedgerPrime, Parataxis Capital, Strategic Round Capital, Signum Capital, Harvest Finance, Youbi Capital, Sora Ventures, D1 Ventures, Fisher8, Origin Capital, BitLink, Bitscale Capital, Hongbo (co-founder & CEO of DeBank), and Taiyang Zhang (co-founder & CEO of Ren Protocol).

Transforming Pendle from an idea into a reality would also not have been possible without the help of our advisors:

Token Allocation

Pendle’s token allocation will break down as follows:

Join us as we create the next layer of DeFi yield markets by following us on Twitter and Telegram. Do head over to our Discord server to connect with us!



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