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Pendle Yield Trading Campaign

Announcing Pendle Yield Trading Campaign. 225,000 PENDLE up for grabs!

Trade yield and earn PENDLE based on your trading volume! There are 3 separate reward buckets:

  1. YT-xJOE trades — 75,000 PENDLE
  2. YT-qiToken (qiUSDC and qiAVAX) trades — 75,000 PENDLE

Rewards will be airdropped to all traders at the end of the campaign, proportionate to your YT trading volume contribution of each bucket.

Track your trading volume and rank on the leaderboard page!

The page will go live at the start of the campaign on November 18, GMT 12:00 (epoch 2), and conclude on December 2, GMT 12:00 (end of epoch 3).

Connect to Avalanche to trade YT here and earn. Happy Trading! 🔺



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