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September Update

After an eventful July and August, we are back to the drawing board to prepare for upcoming launches scheduled in Q4. We’ve consolidated our milestones and achievements in this progress update.

Key Milestone

Pendle AMM just crossed the $10M mark in aggregated yield trading volume, which equates to a notional value of ~$80M in trades!

Product Development

Olympus Pro

Pendle is a launch partner of Olympus Pro! A total of 3 million PENDLE has been set aside for the 8-week program, and users can deposit their PENDLE/ETH SLP tokens on Olympus Pro to acquire PENDLE at a discount.

Through this feature, our protocol can start to accumulate PENDLE/ETH liquidity, creating a stickier liquidity pool as the program progresses. Additionally, this liquidity generates revenue, which can be used to promote ecosystem growth. Check out this article for more information on the Pendle x Olympus Pro partnership.

Insurance options

Our initial capacity with InsurAce sold out within a week after launch! We’ve extended the capacity to give users a confidence boost in using our platform. Alternatively, you can also obtain insurance from Bridge Mutual and Nsure.


On top of our usual community calls, we’ve held additional AMAs with GoodWill Yunting and Crypto Briefing’s SIMETRI Deep Dive. If you missed them, you can catch GoodWill Yunting’s podcast here. Community member 0xPantani has recorded and uploaded the AMA with SIMETRI Deep Dive, you can listen to it here.

Lastly, our Pendle Crew NFT Campaign is still ongoing, so remember to claim your mystery boxes if you’ve interacted with our contracts. We also have an OpenSea Marketplace for you to complete your Pendle Character NFT collection!

Next Steps

We’ve been working on quite a few improvements on user experience with Pendle. In the near term, you can expect some app UI/UX upgrade, a landing page revamp, and deployment on a new platform. Stay tuned!

As always, we’d love to hear from you — reach out to us on our Discord server. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Telegram as well to keep updated with our project!



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