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Treasury Management with Pendle x BENQI

DAOs have become a mainstay in crypto. The largest DAOs have billions locked up in their treasuries, which when managed properly ensures project growth and longevity.

With BENQI’s lending yield and Pendle’s fixed yields, two essential boxes are ticked for prudent treasury management: low risk and long term. As an added bonus, funds deposited can be withdrawn at any time, giving full flexibility to the managers.

We’ve had great experiences collaborating with the BENQI team and we’re happy to share that they have utilized Pendle as part of their treasury management plan. The BENQI team has allocated $250,000 worth of USDC and AVAX from their treasury into Pendle’s qiUSDC and qiAVAX pools, obtaining fixed rates of 18% and 25% respectively.

The yields mentioned have been immediately realized in USDC, free to be redeployed at their discretion.

For qiAVAX, this highlights a key proposition: Avalanche-native protocols holding AVAX can easily earn cashflows in USDC, without the need to sell their AVAX position. In this live example, the BENQI team got an immediate 25% return in USDC, while their core AVAX holdings remain untouched.

While you’re building a crypto project and taking care of your own bags, let Pendle take care of your treasury assets with fixed rates.

Here are the steps to obtain fixed yield on your funds with Pendle:

  1. Deposit USDC or AVAX into BENQI
  2. Deposit qiUDSC or qiAVAX into Pendle here to mint YT and OT.
  3. Sell the YT here to earn the fixed yield immediately in USDC
  4. The OT will be redeemable to your original position by expiry.

If you’re interested in deploying your treasury funds with us but your asset is not supported, do reach out to us on our Discord channel!



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