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The 5 Best DotSama Events of 2022

Polkadot and its sister network Kusama (DotSama) represent a global blockchain community that has not stopped professionally hosting lively events throughout 2022. DotSama is considered the 2nd most actively developed crypto ecosystem with a strong core community of developers and crypto enthusiasts. This article will explore some of the best DotSama events that have happened in 2022.

1. Polkadot decoded — Buenos Aires

Polkadot decoded — Buenos aires was a special event featuring many DotSama developers and parachain developers, such as Nicolas Aravelo, the lead dev for the Acala parachain.

This event had speakers in both English and Spanish, enabling the local community to participate in the event without being restricted by a language barrier. Even Gavin Wood, the founder of Polkadot, presented his new concept of decentralized governance at the event.

We have to mention the great side event that was Polkadot Decoded: Pendulum Hub in Berlin! Hosted by our fantastic Pendulum team in partnership with Parity. Participants were able to enjoy expert panels and free food and drink. Check out the event highlights in this video:

2. Amsterdot

This four-day event grabbed the eyes of many blockchain developers. It was one of the largest hackathon events organized for Polkadot, and brought many talented developers of Substrate to compete for many different prizes. There were prizes for blockchain analysis, tradebots, and vault interfaces. The prizes were sponsored by Interlay and Kintsugi, parachains that aim to bring Bitcoin into the Polkadot ecosystem and use this BTC in Defi applications. Other parachain projects such as Astar were featured in this hackathon event, helping devs become familiar with the many programming tools and techniques that these parachains offer.

3. DotSama Prague

DotSama Prague was another event in Europe that focused on the many different Polkadot parachains. This conference was designed for newcomers to the Polkadot ecosystem, explaining simple concepts such as what is aUSD (presented by Acala) and how bridging works (presented by Pendulum). The event ended with a panel of parachain leaders educating the audience on how to grow a project in the DotSama ecosystem. Overall, the afterparty was very animated and full of great Czech beers.

4. ParisDot

ParisDOT was 3 days of conference and workshop sessions organized by some of the leading projects of the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems. It took place in July 19–21th 2022 in the Arab World Institute. A valuable three days that offered an inclusive space to meet, greet, talk and exchange thoughts that invited the wider crypto community to check out DotSama. Our CTO Torsten gave another insightful talk about how the Spacewalk bridge will connect the DotSama ecosystem to other blockchains in a trust-minimized fashion.

Pendulum CTO Torsten Stüber

5. Web Summit Lisbon

With Polkadot as an official partner, Web Summit Lisbon hosted another huge event this November. At this time of uncertainty for many, Web Summit gathered the founders and CEOs of technology companies, fast-growing startups, policymakers, and heads of state together to figure out what is next. On the Web Summit Polkadot Stage was our Pendulum Head of BizDev Liran who spoke about “Real-Life Use Cases for Stablecoins”.


Many great DotSama conferences have already happened, bringing many opportunities for those attending these events. In 2023, keep your eyes peeled on these events and all DotSama events that you will not want to miss! Pendulum will look to play an increasingly prominent role in events in 2023 following our Polkadot auction on December 16th 2022 and PEN TGE (token generation event) projected for Q1 2023. Join our socials to find out how you can get on the Polkadot auction waitlist, receive a grant for developing on Amplitude & Pendulum and meet us at the next DotSama event!

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Pioneering the internet of fiat. Amplitude is the sister network of Pendulum on Kusama. It acts as the testing ground for Pendulum applications and network parameters and is powered by the AMPE token.

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