An Open Letter to Donald Trump from a Disabled Woman

At first, I thought it was funny. I thought it was a complete joke when you announced your candidacy for President of the United States. I watched as you, a complete and utter baboon, made mistake after mistake, blunder after blunder. And then I sat in shock while I watched people eat it up. People LOVED it. You were, and are, all over the news. You dominate the airwaves and have never disappointed in coming up with some (not) classy, ignorant insult to whoever pissed you off at that moment.

I’ve watched you insult women and people with disabilities for the last year. Even your own daughter, whom you would think you would have raised with loftier goals than to be a “piece of ass.” I’ve watched you tell terminally ill patients to hold out from dying until they can vote for you in the election. I’ve watched you and all of those “deplorables” bring up hateful, bigoted and misogynistic rhetoric and literally assault people at your rallies.

Today, I watched the news unfold about the leaked tape. Republicans all around America denounced you, your own running mate is unsure of his future with your campaign and I waited to see how you would respond to literally admitting to committing sexual assault.

What you chose to do, instead of apologizing for making such disparaging remarks about women and bragging about committing sexual assault, was to air a family’s dirty laundry. I was shocked at how you responded.

Not only did you not respond poorly, you chose to exploit four women who have claimed sexual assault from President Bill Clinton. You chose to smear Hillary Clinton’s husband and drag these women into your media circus. Not to apologize, not to show that you are not guilty of sexual assault, but to claim that President Bill Clinton is in fact, if there such a thing, a worse human than you because look at what he did to these four women. You chose to take the lowest road possible, flinging a family’s, whether the Clinton’s or the Jones’, dirtiest laundry in their face, an act I would never resort to even against my most bitter enemies.

You, Mr. Donald Trump, are not going to “Make America Great Again.”

You are exactly what’s wrong with America.

You are not owning up to your actions, accepting responsibility like an adult. In fact, you are the most childlike adult I have ever had to unwillingly listen to.

I have been offended by you over and over, but at the bottom of it, what you showed tonight, is that at the very core of your being, you are mean.

You are a mean person. You are the definition of rich, white male privilege in America. And you are a bully.

I would vote for anyone instead of you.

But I am going to vote for Hillary Clinton. Because despite how many times you have taken the low road and insulted her, and now her family, she continues to respond with poise and grace.

You, Mr. Trump, are what’s wrong with society. You are what’s wrong with Congress. You are a fat, rich, white man with too much spray tan and fake hair who really, instead of being President, would rather be playing golf.

You have declined to drop out of the race in light of your most recent comments. Instead, you chose to take the lowest, most measly and weak road and exploit those women.

Now, you are on TV and I can’t even take off my headphones to hear what kind of garbage you are spewing right now because I’m writing this letter and I’m so angry.

Wait, I take that back. I took my headphones off. I listened to you, yet again, NOT apologize for the people you have discriminated against and insulted. I heard you drag President Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton and their whole family into the debate because you aren’t man enough to admit you were wrong, own your sh*t and apologize.

I am everything you hate — everything you say is wrong with America. The only thing I have going for me in your perfect America is that I’m white. But I’m also a woman, and I’m disabled. The way you mocked that reporter, the way you insisted that you are so powerful that you can just “grab her by the p***y,” not only reminded me of all of the hateful people and racist people that I can’t stand, but also of my high school rapist.

Yes, Mr. Trump, you remind me of a rapist. You remind me of a sexual predator, of a narcissistic, entitled rich white old pig.

It would not surprise me if you were a rapist. If would not surprise me, that like President Bill Clinton (as you claim and keep bringing up) are a sexual predator that demeans, gropes and forces women to feel like a victim. They feel like a victim because you are a predator. You prey on the weak, the disabled, the disadvantaged, women…. You prey on anyone you sense weakness in.

And yet, you are above all of that. You are above all of your judgements on others. You “respect women” as you stated about twenty million times in four minutes and that it was just “locker talk.”

You are everything that is wrong in our country. You are Brock Turner. You are Ethan Couch.

And you know what else?

You sound like Hitler. You would bring the whole world to war. You look up to Putin. You “respect” Putin, the leader of Russia who is currently aiding the Syrian government in the war, bombing UN convoys, buzzing American ships and withdrawing from nuclear pact agreements.

Maybe, Mr. Trump, this is a ploy. Maybe this is Putin’s secret attempt at a United States takeover. Maybe you will drop out before you can officially be declared the loser, because you’re just not a loser. You’re good. You’re very, very good. The best.

You will not make us great again.

We are great, despite you and people like you.

We are a nation of refugees, heralded by the mass immigration through Ellis Island so many years ago. We are all the sons and daughters of immigrants. In fact, I’m pretty sure your wife is an immigrant? Maybe even illegally?

We don’t need you to “Make America Great Again.”

We are great. We are a nation of colored threads woven together in a beautiful tapestry, a beautiful mosaic on the Spanish tile floors, a stained glass window that the light shines through. We are a mix-mosh-hosh-podge of so many vibrancies, and you, Mr. Trump, are a massive, disgusting stain in the artwork that is America.

I hope after tonight that you continue to stay in the race. I hope that you continue to make huge blunders and offend thousands of people because I want to see you lose. I want to see you lose so badly that I never see your face again, and people only talk about you to laugh at that one time you ran for President of the United States of America.

Hang in there, Mr. Trump. Be the loser. Make America great again by proving once and for all that really you are just a big, fat loser.