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An Open Letter to the Trump Administration

Rabiah Damji
Jan 30, 2017 · 3 min read

Dear Trump,

ISIS has been trying for years to convince Muslims around the world that the West — and especially the United States — is at war with Islam. Your new executive order (#MuslimBan) will make it much easier for it to make its case.

By blocking refugees from several Muslim countries and prioritizing Christian ones, your administration is sending the message that the US doesn’t care about Muslim suffering. If you were truly worried about terrorists, your list of banned countries would look a little different.

Most of those who hijacked airliners in the attacks in New York and Washington DC on 9/11 — the deadliest terrorist episode in history — were Saudis. Another country left off the list is Egypt. Yet the leader of the 9/11 hijackers was Mohammed Atta, an Egyptian.

If the you truly cared about stopping violence in America you might want to handle things happening inside America first:

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You are not banning terrorists, you are banning people who are fleeing from terrorism, who have lived in terror their whole lives. You are banning people who lawfully and legally belong in this country. You are banning people who have built the country you are governing. You are banning people who have created everything you own.

It breaks my heart to see my own country ban people based on their religion- a religion which I proudly am part of. However, this isn’t a reflection of our country it’s the reflection of a small group of uneducated, irrational people.

The people of my country alongside the world have voiced their opinions, stood in solidarity, and shown that we do not represent what a few Americans believe, just how Islam is not represented by a few extremists.

Though a light has been shone bright on the racist ways of people in this country, an even brighter light has been shone in the U.S and around the world for those who stand with Muslims. For every racist comment and order, is twice the amount of solidarity and unity for our Muslim brothers and sisters, for all immigrants, for women, for education, for climate change, and more around the world.

To those being marginalized: I hope from the bottom of my heart you see that we stand with you and do not represent what our current government is trying to enforce. We may not be in the situations you are in but our eyes cry tears along yours, and our arms remain open despite what has been said by our “President.” We won’t give up fighting for you, because you represent human equality, and we stand for that.


A Muslim, A Nasty Woman, A Child of Immigrants


Open Letters to Donald Trump

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