Cynthia Sung’s Robogami Wins Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Award

Cynthia Sung, Gabel Family Term Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics (MEAM), is looking to democratize robotics. Inspired by origami, her research is making robot design and fabrication simpler, with the goal of getting to the point where anyone can make one by printing, folding and attaching some basic electronic components.

Now, she’s the recipient of a Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Award, which celebrates a short list of “world-changing” innovations each year. According to the magazine:

For 13 years we’ve recognized the greatest people and ideas in science, technology, and engineering. This year, we focused on people whose careers are just beginning. These 12 young people have already changed entire industries — and lives.

Sung, 28, is one of the newest additions to the Penn Engineering faculty.

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