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Two Penn Engineers Receive 2019 University Teaching Awards

Andreas Haeberlen, recipient of a 2019 Lindback Award, and Chris Murphy, recipient of a 2019 received a Provost’s Award for Teaching Excellence.

Andreas Haeberlen and Chris Murphy, professors in Penn Engineering, are both recipients of 2019 University Teaching Awards. Haeberlen is the recipient of a Lindback Award, and Murphy received a Provost’s Award for Teaching Excellence.

Haeberlen is an associate professor of Computer and Information Science with research spanning systems and computer networks. He also has interests in networking, security and privacy and large-scale distributed systems such as cloud computing platforms.

Murphy is an associate professor of practice in Computer and Information Science. His interests include diversity, inclusion and mental health in computer science, and he is the co-director of MCIT Online, Penn Engineering’s first completely online master’s degree. Murphy has also spent time teaching English in Seoul, South Korea.

The Lindback Awards for Distinguished Teaching at the University of Pennsylvania were established in 1961 with the help of the Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Foundation, while the Provost’s Awards for Teaching Excellence by Non-Standing Faculty were established in 1988. Penn has awarded a total of 12 Lindback and Provost’s awards this year.



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