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TLDR; Click here to get your embeddable signup form with call to actions now.

SMedian: Medium Publishing Tools

The tool all Medium editors and writers needed just got much better. From its inception, SMedian has been about helping editors more easily manage everything surrounding their publication and helping writers more efficiently publish content and grow their audience and brand. If you don’t know what SMedian is all about, check out the first article I wrote about it a little over a year ago when it was called SuperMeditor:

This year, we have put more focus on helping writers grow as we have helped hundreds of publications grow dramatically since the launch of SMedian. A little under two months ago, we introduced the feature that allows writers to embed their call to action in their Medium articles.

With a single link, writers can now present their readers with a means to connect with them on all of their social media profiles, visit their website to learn more about them, or email them to chat. This feature was introduced because we saw writers of all experience levels attempting, through subpar and inefficient means, to do just what the embed allows them to do.

The feedback has been great from writers and our stats database shows readers are also appreciating the ease of use. The analytics from our stats collection will be made available to writers soon. A couple weeks later, after completely revamping our website’s backend and changing our name to SuperMeditor to SMedian, we were able to easily expand upon what we had started. Adding new features to SMedian will be a breeze from here on out and boy do we have features in store for you all. The first of those features to be added was the signup form for the call to action embeds mentioned above.

Signup Form With Call to Action Embed

I always wanted to add a way for writers and publications to collect emails from their readers, but it would have been impossible to do in an effective manner with our old server. Today, I am happy to announce that writers and publications can now add a signup form to their call to action embeds to collect emails through their articles while still driving traffic to their website and social profiles.

More Call to Actions

We are aware that it is a common practice for writers to give away free goodies when someone signs up for their mailing list, so we wanted to make sure we add a way for writers to easily continue that practice.

Fully Customizable

You also get control over the display of your signup form. You can choose the button color, the submit button text, the success title, success message, success image (gifs of dancing cats are encouraged), and so much more to come.

Analytics are being collected, but are not yet available. Here are all the customizations you can make:

Embedding is Easier With the SMedian Chrome Extension (SCE)

We want it to be as efficient as possible to include SMedian embeds in your articles, so we added it to the SCE context menu. Whenever you are editing an article either for yourself or your publication, you can get your embed link from the context menu which is only a click away at all times:

Enjoy & Please Send Feedback!

Thanks for using SMedian. Any questions, concerns, or feedback are available via the comments section below.




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