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Smedian + Embedly | Request to Contribute to Publications From Medium Articles

Request to contribute to Medium’s fastest growing publications while you read their articles. The Request to Contribute button now goes wherever Embedly does.

Editors TL;DR: Click here to see how to embed your publication’s button in your articles.

Smedian is home to 230+ of the fastest growing publications on Medium. In order to help them continue growing quickly and efficiently, Smedian wants to make it as easy for them to attract and add new writers who will share more content with their readers.

Enter Embeddable SuperMeditor Buttons

The Request to Contribute button that defines the design and function of SuperMeditor has grown popular over the last.

Thousands of writers have clicked it to get their start in some of Medium’s largest and most publications as well as brand new publications that are finding their stride. The Request to Contribute button has been the entry point for new writers on Medium to get their start and find their audience. It has helped hundreds of publication editors organize incoming contribution requests that would have otherwise been poorly scattered in various email inboxes.

However, it’s reach is limited to those who have heard of SuperMeditor and have taken their time to venture over to that seemingly foreign land.

Embed the Request to Contribute Button

If you are a Medium publication editor or a writer who just happens to love a certain publication dearly, you can now embed the Request to Contribute button for your publication right into your Medium articles or anywhere else Embedly embeds are supported (i.g. LinkedIn articles).

Editors, let writers know you are looking for them. Give them an easy way to contribute to your publication. As a publication editor, I will be adding my button to articles in my publication to attract more writers.

To get your publication’s Embedly link, go to its page on SuperMeditor, click the Copy Embed Links button, and choose the link you want:

Past the link into Medium and the embed will be loaded like this:

Writers, now you can request to contribute to any Medium publication that is being advertised on SuperMeditor when you see their button in any of their articles. Simply click the Request to Contribute button and you will be taken to their SuperMeditor page where you will be able to request to contribute and add reference links to relevant articles or drafts that you could contribute if accepted.

Known Issues

The height of the embeds are unnecessarily big on large screens. I am working on a way to fix this. You can go ahead and embed your buttons and when I fix the issue, it will automatically fix your buttons.

Want More Buttons?

Sure. They are coming. As we expand the SuperMeditor Publishing Exchange, you, editors and writers, will be introduced to more buttons that will help both sides find more success on Medium.

SuperMeditor Update Notification for Editors
This is currently the only way I have to notify all SuperMeditor publication editors of updates. I’ll figure a better way later :)

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