Pagevamp’s Story — From PennApps Hack to New York Startup

PennApps 2013 alumni: Fred Wang, Atulya Pandey, Vincent Sanchez-Gomez

Two years ago, Fred Wang, Atulya Pandey, and Vincent Sanchez-Gomez hacked at PennApps.

At the time, the trio were Penn students and new to the then emerging hackathon scene. Two of them had never programmed before and, going into the event, none of them really knew what they wanted to build.

With the help of mentors, they finished a working prototype for what would become Pagevamp, an app that allows small business owners to create and update websites from their Facebook page. After graduation, the team committed to seeing their project to success. Pagevamp is now based out of New York, but returned to Penn to give the keynote speech at the PennApps X kickoff.

Now Pagevamp founders and PennApps X keynote speakers.

Their message? Everyone has the potential to launch a successful startup, and hackathons are the perfect place to try and make that happen. Collaboration. Mentorship. Excitement and a focus on pushing past the challenges andfinishing.

And the people you meet at hackathons can’t be found anywhere else. From high school hackers to aspiring designers to talented hardware developers, we’re proud to host students across disciplines from around the world.

This diversity makes PennApps truly special. Says Vincent, Pagevamp’s CEO:

“When you’re at PennApps you definitely get the sense that the people you’re interacting with could be the future leaders of the technology world. Even today you’ve already started to see that people who were previously at PennApps have gone on to do great things. And I think that is beautiful and inspiring because we’re walking through the footsteps of them and we can learn from what they’ve done and passed down through PennApps.”

As PennApps X winds down, we’d like to thank the Pagevamp team and the dozens of other mentors at the event. In the end, after the energy drinks are finished and swag bags distributed, hackathons are powered by teachers.