REVIEW // Gogol Bordello — pura vida conspiracy

The gypsy punk caravan takes their wares to Brazil with flair. ****/5

Gogol Bordello’s move to ATO Records has produced the group’s most exacting effort to date, effectively harnessing the band’s energetic musical orgy.

Gogol Bordello finds their pulse in waves of melody and madness.

“Dig Deep Enough” is a brazen protest and worldly chorus with beautifully melodic injections. Equally harolding, “Lost Innocent World” stomps in anger over loss and confusion.

“Then I asked every geisha from the willow town
But nobody wanted to see death of a clown
We danced Shanghai tango like no tomorrow jive…

The group’s aural dissonance comes in the positive ethos of “Rainbow.” Finding simplicity in everything from confrontation to freedom, the track is a reflection on experience from a traveller’s soul.

Pura Vida Conspiracy is as much a call to arms as a transcendental celebration, replete with chanting choruses for collective masses.

The album’s message can be simplified to the “John The Conqueror” lyric:

“Living and loving
The rest is insane…

Gogol Bordello has matured from a wild gypsy punk band to a true folk outfit that hasn’t forgot their roots.


A version of this review was originally published by San Antonio Current.

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