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A Cynical Take on the Democratic Party

I firmly support the Democrats because the Democratic Party is still the best bet for curing what’s wrong with our country. But there’s an awful lot that troubles me about it.

NancyPelosi is firmly supporting the Democratic Congressman Henry Cuellar in his Texas primary despite his opposition to abortion rights, as are a number of other Party bigwigs like Steny Hoyer. Cuellar is also wrong on a number of other issues. He does win elections, but there are surely plenty of other candidates who also could win.

That’s only the start of my criticisms of the party. They seem more focused more on fundraising than anything else. I’ve seen something similar happen with the Black Lives Matter organization. Perhaps that’s an inevitable consequence of what the American political system has become. And all these fundraisers are in competition with each other, which means that most of any contribution goes to fundraising expenses.

The Republicans, or course, are far worse, which is why I continue to support the Democrats. Progressives aren’t much better than liberals. American “democracy” is a rotten system, but I see little hope of replacing it with something better. Color me cynical, I guess.




This publication records some of my thoughts about the world and my life. Blaise Pascal was a seventeenth-century philosopher and mathematician, one of the key figures of the Enlightenment. I like the title even though I don’t agree with the contents, a defense of Catholicism.

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Paul Abrahams

Paul Abrahams

Paul Abrahams is a retired computer scientist living in Deerfield, Massachusetts. President of ACM from 1986 to 1988, he now writes philosophical essays.

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