Don’t waste

Don´t waste our creative energy in searching for anything.

Don´t be afraid of dreaming, of having desires, of living with passion, of being yourself.

What has to happen, will happen but nothing happens just ¨by chance¨, the so-called coincidences are overlapping or attracting of information, needed for our development.

People think that ¨everything is written¨, ¨everything is determined¨, ¨we cannot do anything against the Fate¨.

The truth is that we write our own destinies! We are not puppets, we are responsible for what we think, feel and do!

Time is a fluid, we can travel back and forward, we can float along the Time River; death is not the end of existence, it is just a door to another dimension.

¨We are the eyes, through which the Universe looks at itself¨ (Karl Jaspers)

Dip yourself in a sea of burning candles and aromatic oils, with something special in the air, you will feel to be out of time and space, you will perceive something that cannot be described by human words.

Put a woman close to her man, make them travel together along time and discover new things, make them transform the sexual impulse into a spiritual one, thus they can change the world.

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