We are all interconnected

…not only by internet (invented decades ago to have a resilient connection between locations) but with human coherent consciousness connection also; it’s possible, it’s real and may herald a new era of understanding.

What does it mean? We as human being have the ability to create connection between people without using the language?

In the beginning stage of the human being race our ancestors used the mind connection instead of the language “invented “ ages later.

The ability to use this powerful tool, that imply to control the mind, got lost when a more simple tool, the language, come on surface.

To use the language you need to know words, the meaning of them and to speak them, this seems to be complex but it is easier that to control the mind.

To have a mind interconnection with someone you have to clear the mind of the hundreds of free thoughts that are living in.

You have to be so strong to force the thoughts creation, taking control of the mind and became the active part of the game instead to be the slave as usually happens.

We and our minds are not the same things, we are different, we are two separated entities, we have to be the boss of our minds and relegate them to the role they have… the engine of thoughts, only our thoughts, not their ones.

After having taken control of our mind we can start to connect other “free” minds, sharing something that the “simple” tool, the language, is not able to do.

Is like to connect someone using sms instead of whatsapp; text, images, videos, sounds are enriching our message so our counterpart can better understand us.

This mind connection ability of the human being, recently scientifically proven, is not definitively lost, was survived till now and can be revitalized by purpose when needed.

This mind language is a “common” language, we don’t have to learn it, it’s not composed by word, it’s not depending by countries, it’s not belonging from an ethnic group.

This was used by the ancient people to connect someone in an age where the technology was unknown; nowadays the technology is soaking everything we do, we are spending a lot of time checking emails and social networks to stay interconnected, losing the pleasure to meet people by person and not using the powerful toll of our “cleared” mind to create connections between people.

We are in the age where computer will take control of our lives, the technological singularity is already happened (you didn’t see the new in the newspapers? That’s normal).

Humans invented computers able to start a self-improvement cycles, that will cause an intelligence explosion creating a powerful superintelligence that will far surpass all human intelligence.

That’s not wrong but the cycle was started and the new computer can became angels or evils, anyway the game is over for the human being; this means also that computer can learn languages, a lot of them, more than a very clever person can do.

Mind connection is a humans peculiarity, computer cannot do it, mind connection is, in fact, an ability not depending by the intelligence level… so we need to restart from beginning, using what we already have in our hands.

This is the new game we are facing now, to reach new heights of understanding and self-awareness, and finally to have a human mind insight deeply and thoroughly enough… a way to stay on the top.

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