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This is an email from 'PTN' infosec Monthly Updates, a newsletter by Pentester Nepal.

‘PTN’ infosec monthly #1 — InfoSec Updates

Namaste everyone,
Welcome to our ‘PTN’ infosec monthly #1 and first newsletter. We are starting our ‘PTN infosec monthly’ newsletter. Which aims to update about information security updates, Nepali security researchers and Bug Bounty hunters research and findings, give cyber security highlights, infosec jobs updates etc.

Here are some ‘PTN infosec’ highlights of June month:

1. Our community member Binit Ghimire passed away on June 25, 2022 at age of 21. We organized candlelight vigil in Binit’s honor. Let’s follow his good paths. And try to #BeLikeBinit

2. infosec writeups posted on our PTN medium publication:
Access control worth $2000: Tribute to Binit Ghimire

3. OpSecBook Team published Ethical Hacking Vol 1:

5. Hacking into WordPress themes for CVEs and Fun:

6. We announced the winners of contributor of the June month in our Facebook group who got the 1 month of Pentesterlab and Tryhackme premium. We encourage everyone to contribute in the community!

7. Dealkhana lunched their bug bounty program on Bugv:

8. Vairav Technology published National Cybersecurity Threat Report 2022:

9. THREAT CON is calling for Scholarship Application : Read their terms and conditions before you apply!

10. Sushil Phuyal created a challange on TryHackMe room Tribute to Binit!: Let’s try to join and try to solve!

Local events:

  1. Hackthebox Meetup Nepal — 0x01: for more information and book seat visit
  2. Threatcon: September 15 for more information visit

Global Highlights:

  1. Hackerone calling for hackerone ambassadors: We encourage everyone to apply!
  2. The Black Hat USA Student Scholarship is now open:
  3. WoOt! MetaMask has awarded $120,000 bounty to the UGWST team for reporting a Clickjacking Vulnerability:
  4. BSides SF 2022 — Eric Ellett — Embracing Risk Responsibly (PUBLIC):

Meme time :P :

“I am not stalking your profile.I am just gathering information.”

Thanks for all the contributors and to all readers for reading this newsletter!

It’s just starting suggestions are appreciated which you can send in in any following social media handle. See you in the next newsletter. Till then stay #secure and #safe!

Best regards,

Bishal & team

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