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Why should you start using password manager?

Hey there! Hope you doing good. In this article i will try to explain why you should start using password managers. This isn’t a sponsored post anyways, so i will be explaining more about why using same password everywhere is worst rather marketing about password managers.

Because the human mind is unable of memorizing a large number of complex passwords, people tend to stick to simple ones like name123, dogname123, phone number, or anything similar and use it everywhere. As a result, an attacker has the perfect opportunity to strike. Reading this article, once question yourself, are you using same password in multiple platforms? If yes, you should be changing your password immediately after reading this article!

Using a common/similar password is the worst case scenario. You may have heard about the solar-wind incident; if not, here is a blog post about it. To summarize, as per CEO, the company’s intern used password as solarwind123 (companyname123), which was discovered by security researcher, now he could have admin access to the company’s server.You can imagine the impact right?

So, you and your company may be next target, who knows?

Let me give you an example of why you should not use the same password across all of your accounts. Assume you have an account at, and the site’s database was breached one day, exposing your credentials. You now have the same password for your online banking as well. When an attacker has the compromised data, he will undoubtedly attempt to exploit many sites for profit. As a result, he could potentially gain access to your online banking account. Using same password means making yourself more vulnerable!!

So what? Remember those different passwords for each website?

Absolutely no! Every problem comes up with own set of solution. There are different types of password managers which provide both free and paid services. Using a password manager, you can keep track of all of your passwords and forget about them entirely. The only thing you have to remember is the master password that gives you access to the password manager in the first place. It generates a unique, safe password for you and stores it in its database so that you don’t have to remember it every time you enter into your account. So as per my research, these are some of the best password managers:

  1. Lastpass
  2. Bitwarden
  3. 1Password
  4. Dashline

Here are some more Precautions to be safe from such cyber incidents:

  • Use Multi Factor Authentication
  • Better not include personal things on password.
  • Try to make it long and include special characters.
  • Change your password frequently.

Additionally, you can also check your password on HaveIbeenPwned to know if your password was breached before. Thank you for reading till end. Stay safe, Stay secured ✌️✌️



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