The past couple of years have been quite exciting for comic book enthusiasts. It, honestly, didn’t start out with so much traction back in 2008 but nowadays it seems my friends who didn’t give 2 cents about the adventures of Thor before are now bugging me for when the next one is coming out. Honestly it helps that the actor is Chris Hemsworth but I believe you get the general idea.

Suddenly being a geek is cool and mainstream and not just for lonely people with no friends. Everyone’s a superhero expert and it’s not just affecting the comic book universe.

Geeks are ruling the world and everyone wants in on the action.

Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Elon Musk (Paypal,Tesla Motors, Space X), Jeff Bezos (Amazon) just to name a few, are the major players in the world today.

Now people want to learn how to code because it’s interesting, when they couldn’t have cared less about it before. It’s fascinating to see the way the people and the world’s perception of things that would have branded you a freak a few decades ago are taking a 360 turn.

I’m sure the developers at PentiumTech Limited would be glad to lend a helping hand to any interested minds who would like to learn how to code. As soon as they lift their heads up from their laptops that is.

Before they do, however, you need to know what you want to do, how you want to do it and the method by which you will do it. For example our User Interface/User Experience Lead (@KNote_TBNM) has decided to take up coding as part of his skill set (like he needs to be any smarter).

Q: What do you want to do

A: I want to bring my designs to life through code (and get rich)

Q: How do you want to do it

A: By developing front end (UI) for mobile apps, websites and web apps.

Q: Through which method

A: By learning the programming styles and procedures of hybrid applications (since both web apps and hybrid mobile apps run on the same basic code. I.e HTML, CSS and JavaScript)

He has clearly thought about what he where he wants to be in respect to coding and how he will get there. It may not necessarily be the path he would stick to, he may find another path that tickles his fancy but he knows where he wants to begin and that is very important.

You need to know your starting point and you can be helped from there.

But being a developer involves more than just a passing interest in all things geeky. It requires a dedication and time and willingness to learn and continue learning to improve yourself and keep yourself updated. It may end up meaning a lot sleepless nights and pulling of hair and screaming at the computer (yes I’ve seen these happen) but at the end of the day the look of absolute triumph when they (finally) get to everything to work as it should is something truly beautiful to behold.