If I Were Tim Cook 👦🏼

I love Apple. I really do. I am pretty sure you are very likely to be reading this piece on an iPhone. Apple is, well, Apple. It has established itself as a pioneer of thoughtful design, world-class hardware and brilliant branding.

That being said, It seems to be losing its thoughtful in keeping up with the trends and innovating by leveraging new behaviors.

Besides hiring a freaking head of product for the most valuable company in the world, If I were Tim Cook, I would do the following —

  • Get the iMessage team in a room. And, tell them this : “ Fix the fucking iMessages product. Make it faster, smoother and just, well, better. Make sure it competes well with Whatsapp, Telegram and Facebook’s Messenger. Lets not lose the small proportion of Apple users that are still loyal ( or dumb) enough to use our messaging product. Again, fucking fix it. Lets get our shit together. We cannot lose to Facebook on our own territory.”
  • Get the the team that works on the camera in another room on the same day. And, tell them this : “ So, we put a high quality camera in the pockets of hundreds of millions of people. We democratized the art of taking pictures. Thats awesome. We all should be proud of that. I know I am. What I don’t get is how the hell does a small kid come up with this weird app called Snapchat, that most people my age are still struggling to understand, become the default camera app for millions of freaking people on our freaking ubiquitous phones running our damn operating system with our default camera app? Fix it. Improve our camera experience. Do anything and everything to make our camera app great again.”
  • I would get the teams for Apple News and Apple Music in one giant room. I would say something along the lines of this — “Guys, let’s not kid ourselves. Our News and Music products are not working. Yes, we sugar coated our accomplishments in this context. But, both you and I know they do not work as well as they should. Fix them.”

At the end of the day, I would get all those teams in one big auditorium and throw a dance party for standing up for people’s privacy and security and not giving in to the public agencies and drink champaign.

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