Twitter + LinkedIn

For my unsolicited ideas today, I am going to talk about the product that most techies love to hate but still love to use all day.

No, its not LinkedIn. Its Twitter.

There’s a lot that could be done to the product. There are a lot of pieces around the web talking about so many changes that Twitter should make. Some of the Twitter’s quirks are beyond my comprehension.

Why cant I edit my tweets? Why are lists so deeply buried? Why cant be Moments be tailored? Why cant we have Nuzzel for tweets? Why are collections so impossible to learn about and access? Why is finding the live game experience using hashtags so difficult?

I know, I know, as a user, its easy to whine about things. I am sure they have their reasons to justify themselves. But, still.

This post is not about any of that.

I have been meaning to share an idea here for quite some time. I always check someone’s Twitter profile out if he or she is working in tech.

If its finance or consulting or the like, I turn to LinkedIn. A lot of times recent tweets and the profile bio do not tell me everything important to a person’s professional history. And, thats when LinkedIn comes in handy. to be honest, thats probably the only situation when I pull up LinkedIn on my phone. And, I know this behavior is exhibited by a lot of folks in tech communities. It would be very helpful and cool to be able to access someone’s Linkedin profile from her Twitter profile. This removes the hassle of closing Twitter, pulling up LinkedIn, searching the name and then finally getting to where you wanted to.

I know this is not that big a problem time-wise.

I think its more of a convenience and user experience thing. Yes, all these networks would want to keep users in their “walled gardens”. But, lets be honest, both these networks are struggling in terms of engagement. Bettering workflows for popular use cases would help more than they do any harm. Also, consumption of these network’s content anywhere would help with branding and awareness.

Would be very cool to have “peak and pop” for Linkedin profiles within Twitter’s app.

Here are some of the other pieces for my unsolicited ideas series.

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