Great Ingredients, Great Work

There is a true movement to find real food again.

We want food made fresh, cooked with care, and using ingredients that were grown for taste and with the eater in mind. We’ve had a realization that we have over-industrialized and over-engineered our food. Somewhere along the way, we just saw food as a means to survive and focused on its abundance, and not on its quality.

There is a true movement to find real work again.

Like the food movement, we need work that has substance. Think about our ancestry. We were hunters and gatherers who became farmers, ranchers, and artisans. Our work served a purpose that connected us together. We served our tribes, our villages, and our communities. Now work has lost its purpose, for many of us.

We need “purpose-driven” work; its in our DNA.

We no longer want to be a cog in a machine that over produces for those that over consume. We want to find internal mastery to do work that matters, because we have a longing to have meaningful work again. I believe we also want to connect again with our tribes to work together towards a common purpose, like we did long ago.

As it is with great food where great ingredients matter, great people matter too.

We don’t want to spend our days with faces we don’t know or don’t enjoy seeing. We want to escape the theater of work life. We want to connect with the people we spend a huge proportion of our lives next to, and we want them to raise our talents and spirits.

Bringing great ingredients together makes for great food. Bringing a great team of people together provides the right balance, and demands our best. They lift us up to a level where our passions are a progression of our techniques. Connecting with people like this is inspiring.

Does this resonate with you?

If so, wake up tomorrow and ask yourself how to get there. Ask yourself what your menu looks like and how to find the right ingredients to make great dishes…or to put it another way, ask yourself what purpose you want to serve, and who the people are that you want to connect with to raise you up to a place where you can have a meaningful work life. It’s not easy to get to choose who you work with or what you work on, but if you decide that you won’t settle for less, you will be surprised what’s possible.

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