Few people have the talent for self-promotion that Chris Pirillo has. Since he founded the LockerGnome web site in 1996, he has been relentlessly promoting his gadget expertise by producing short videos on tech topics ranging from what you get when you upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft Office to advice on buying a used Macbook. He now has over 280,000 YouTube subscribers and has over 16 million views. He is hosting the Video Blogging conference VloggerFair, which is happening in 8-9 June in Seattle. For many years, he ran the Gonomedex conference. “I’ve been best described as an edupretainer“ he told us. “Entrepreneur, Educator, Entertainer.” In short, he is a guy who knows gadgets and what they can (and can’t) do. His current gadget obsession is the Philips Hue, a set of remote controlled light bulbs that can be color controlled from an iPad web app.

What gadget are you currently using?

It’s a programmable LED bulb, controllable via an app (or IFTTT) via the Internet. Multiple bulbs can be configured, too!

What do you love about this?

That it exists. Seriously, it’s a light bulb that changes to the color of your choosing with the tap of a finger. What’s not to love? One bulb for all situations? Color me happy.

What do you hate about this?

The price tag(s) (the starter kit of controller and 3 bulbs costs $200). That, and knowing that they may not exist at some point in the future if I need to find replacement bulbs. Until then, this remains a novelty - but does show where we all might be in the future.

The Philips Hue in action

What one feature/ability do you wish that this device had?

I wish I could more easily create “guest access” and have other people control the bulbs. :)

If you were looking for a gadget like this now, would you buy it again?

Yes. Next gen should have more automated settings / external sensors to detect external factors.

You can see Chris Prillo’s video review of the Philips Hue here.