The new marketplace

After many months of anticipation the marketplace is back. There’s been some confusion, so we’ve put together this short post to explain how the new marketplace works and what’s different:

Dynamic items and pricing 💸

What you see in the marketplace will depend on how you’ve used the app. Our method for determining this right now may be a bit crude, but we’re working on making it smarter.

In any case, if you want to know how to make sure you’re seeing the most items for the lowest cost, message our support team — they’ll tell you what to do.

See what’s in stock 🛒

If the item you want to redeem is currently out of stock — don’t worry! We’ll be updating stock in the new marketplace every day, Monday to Friday.

New items 🛍️

As well as new types of gift cards, we now have donation options and special items. Finally, you can now grab yourself a signed picture of your favourite Community Guru, Pete.

If you’re confused about what you’re buying, or how you’ll get it, simply tap on ‘More info’ underneath for a full explanation. More items will be added to the marketplace in the future!

Delivery dates 📮

If you want to get your item sooner, you can pay extra for faster delivery. Go into ‘Pending’ and you can see exactly when your item should be delivered.

What’s next? 🤔

The relaunch of the new marketplace is a start, but it’s definitely not the end. As with any feature, it’s a work-in-progress, and we’ll be working hard to give you a better, fairer marketplace experience in the weeks and months to come.

Thank you all for your continued support,