Take flight.

Well, it’s 5:00 in the morning and this was not necessarily the plan for this morning but I’ve been up since about 3:40 am and my brain is moving!

For far too long I’ve wanted to be a writer, no, a great writer, a great speaker, motivational that is, and some other things. I had so many unanswered questions, I was essentially paralyzed mentally. I just got stuck. “What do I write? Where do I start? How do I structure it? Where do I go for editing? Publishing? What if it’s not good? I’m sure someone’s said it already. How do I do this, that and the next?” Well, I’m no closer to any of the answers and these are just a FEW of the questions. What I’ve decided to do is simply move forward with the vision and act on my decision TO DO SOMETHING.

Whew! I know that seems like a small blip on the radar of life for some but for me it was mountain moving rocket science! When you’ve got a perfectionist streak you’re trying to simmer down, it can be hard to make a move on something that’s very important to you without a clear path. You want to be right, excellent, magnificent — ALL. THE. TIME. EVERY. TIME!

Now, I know better… I don’t know or know of anyone who has produced sheer greatness at whatever the task out the gate. We have to practice and hone our craft. So why, why, why, with what common sense and intelligence I have, would I think for even a moment that it SHOULD be different for me?

Well, the paralysis has given way to restored mobility. I am jumping out of the plane! Hopefully, my parachute deploys when it should. I’ll embrace the cuts and bruises and live to tell a riveting story.

What I know for right now is enough for this leg of the journey. I am passionate about many things and I’ll share those things. I am sure (now) that by simply opening the door, I’ll eventually find everything I need to be successful at my passions.

So come on, make sure that skydiving instructor is strapped securely to your back (in other words, take this journey with someone who’s gone before you and can teach you from their experience) and scoot to the edge of the open door of that plane (take practical, proactive steps towards your dreams and passions — make a plan, a to do list — do something!) breathe deeply, say a prayer and for God’s sake — J U M P!

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