All the details you want to know for the Peoples Climate March!

Duncan Meisel
Peoples Climate Movement
3 min readApr 20, 2017


In just a few short days the Peoples Climate March will be surrounding Trump’s White House in the name of jobs, justice and climate action. Between now and then the Administration may decide whether to pull out of the historic Paris climate agreement.

Trump promised to withdraw from the agreement on the campaign trail — but massive resistance has forced him to reverse his position on other promises before, and it will again. Especially when we show him what the peoples’ movement for climate justice looks like.

We’ve made a logistics page with everything you need to know to have a safe, successful and beautiful march on April 29th in DC. Click here for the full details.

Here are the key things to keep in mind:


  • March kickoff is 12:30 PM. We’ll begin marching up Pennsylvania Avenue towards the White House. When we reach the White House we will take collective action by surrounding it — as a simple, effective reminder that the power of the people is greater than the people in power.
  • End of March Activities begin at 3:00. We will reconvene at the Washington Monument grounds to connect and share the stories that brought us to DC. We’ll hear from the front lines of the climate crisis and share solutions rooted in our own communities. There’ll be music and beautiful art from around the country — and we’ll assemble our art into one collective message of resistance.

Visit the logistics page for a full schedule of events on the day of the march.

What to bring:

  • Creative signs, art, and music (that does not use amplification) are all strongly encouraged. Especially signs or banners that let people know where you are from — whether that means your organization, your city or state, your country, or your community.
  • Check the weather before you come to make sure you’re wearing the right number of layers and bringing the right amount of water. Generally, you should plan on wearing comfy shoes and not bringing too many things with you since we’ll be walking most of the afternoon.
  • No weapons or illegal drugs (including marijuana, because the march is on Federal property) are allowed.

Visit the logistics page for all the details.


  • There will be accessible vans for those who cannot walk the route, as well as space reserved near the stage for seating and rest stops available along the route.
  • Also, all jumbotrons will provide live Spanish translation for monolingual Spanish speakers and closed captioning for deaf and hard of hearing.
  • Please see the logistics page for full accessibility information. If you require any additional accommodation please email by April 23rdand we will do our best to help.

All this and more is available on the logistics page. If you have other questions, please check the FAQs as well.

The bottom line is this: There are few things more uplifting in troubled times than being with community raising our voices together for the world we want to see.

After you have all the details you need, make sure your friends are there standing beside you. Click here to share the march with your friends on Facebook.



Duncan Meisel
Peoples Climate Movement

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