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Where the company of the future begins

Rachel Ben Hamou
Apr 15, 2019 · 4 min read

The Best of HR Transform 2019 — Las Vegas

2019 marked a number of firsts for the PeopleStorming team including attending this year’s HR Transform conference (thanks to HROS!). This three-day set of talks, panels and an exhibition brings together people-focused leaders and technologists from countless industries. It was a great opportunity for People geeks to get together and geek out! We witnessed so much energy, creativity and passion during the conference. We returned to California with lots of new friends and ideas.

We tweeted a lot of content in real-time but wanted to provide more of a roundup of the most memorable ideas, quotes and more…

DIVERSITY, EQUITY & INCLUSION 💁🏻‍♀️💁‍♀️💁🏿‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️💁🏾‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️

“Women are disproportionately affected by non-specific feedback.” #diversity

  • SMASH has achieved 91% graduation rates. Compared to other programs seeking to promote STEM education among minority populations, this number is extraordinary. #diversity
  • Unconscious bias training by itself has zero impact on retention and fairness and (when isolated) can actually be counterproductive. #L&D #diversity
  • 50% of long term unemployment in the US is experienced by women aged 55–65. #diversity
  • “Storytelling is important but the recent emphasis on it has started to infantilize the discussion.” (regarding DEI narratives in companies). #diversity
  • People with criminal records almost never re-offend if they have a job and almost never screw up while in that job. #diversity
  • Crowded (high density) workplaces aren’t merely annoying, they can preclude hard-of-hearing employees from working in them at all. #diversity


“The essence of trust is conflict.” #culture

  • Why not consider a ‘net loneliness’ score for distributed teams? #culture #teams
  • Eliminate performance ratings and standard comp. Train, trust and measure your managers instead. #culture #leadership
  • Are you looking for a culture-fit or a culture-add? #culture #recruiting
  • Traditionally, we’ve kept politics out of the workplace. Due to the rise of the ‘purpose economy’ (and the arrival of ‘iGen’ into the workforce), authenticity and trust are now going to be increasingly founded on having strong opinions on culture, connection and value. No more treading a middle line. #culture


“Recruiting is the promise. HR is the fulfillment.” #recruiting #culture

  • Skills-based role assessments are now back firmly as the preferred approach after a decade of culturally-led and other recruiting paradigms. This fact has its roots in both diversity issues and in preparing for the arrival of our AI overlords. #recruiting


  • The clear majority of gig-economy workers are women. The primary reason is care-giving. #gig-economy #diversity
  • One problem with the gig-economy is that it makes sequencing work time much harder. A lack of predictability over when you can commit to activity that will earn you money is a key driver of gig-economy poverty. More plainly: the hustle required to cobble together a freelance career is exhausting. #gig-economy


  • Internal career-change reach-outs at about two-years-in can have a substantial positive impact on retention (Salesforce ran this experiment and were very happy with the results). #retention
  • Two years is now officially the average tenure of an employee in a knowledge-work job. #retention


“Compensation policy is art backed by math.” #compensation

  • Government pay grades (based on tenure) form the most transparent compensation policies imaginable. They have zero flexibility but everyone is 100% clear on what to expect. Where do your compensation policies sit on the spectrum between transparency and flexibility? #compensation
  • How sure are you of your diversity compensation statistics? Are you disaggregating the groups to the point where there’s no measurable difference between them? Are you aggregating individuals together to the point where you can tell whatever story you already wanted to tell (regardless of the facts)? #compensation #diversity


“Learning is celebrated. Re-skilling is seen as a failure path. A cultural change is needed.” #L&D

  • Getting ready for the AI revolution means focussing on training humans for jobs that rely both on empathy / emotion and the ability to take context into account. #L&D


“Great employee experience has to be sustainable. It doesn’t mean building a utopia that your organization can’t actually support in the long term.” #EX

  • $1.5bn will be spent on employee engagement next year, yet the industry average net-promoter score of employee engagement programs is comically bad. #Engagement
  • “When Robots do all the mundane work, people operation teams can better architect the entire employee experience. Each dollar and hour saved can be reinvested in employee-focused programs” #EX


I’m a People Person. That’s why I founded PeopleStorming. We serve individuals, teams and organizations through coaching, facilitation and training. We specialize in bringing an agile product management and service design approach to transforming your organizations culture and experience.

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Fresh thinking to help you build & sustain a brilliant…

Rachel Ben Hamou

Written by

#leadership #HR #talent #people #designthinking #servicedesign #productmgmt #learninganddevelopment #employeeeXP #training #coaching #facilitation


Fresh thinking to help you build & sustain a brilliant organization

Rachel Ben Hamou

Written by

#leadership #HR #talent #people #designthinking #servicedesign #productmgmt #learninganddevelopment #employeeeXP #training #coaching #facilitation


Fresh thinking to help you build & sustain a brilliant organization

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