Cracking the Software Interview-I

In this episode of Pep and Prep Talks!, host Bilwa Gaonker is having a conversation with Simran Verma (soon to be joining NielsenIQ as a full-time software engineer) regarding her experience of placements (on-campus). She mentions learning from her failed interviews, some resume/portfolio tips, the tests and processes for the company she landed, and also the way she answered the questions for the same. Thus, giving out a good picture of how the placement process for software roles looks like. Hope you guys enjoy the conversation. In case of any queries/suggestions, please feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn :)

Preparation for Software interviews!

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Bilwa Gaonker

Bilwa Gaonker


Curious about new technology | Host of podcast ‘Pep and Prep talks!’| Love to read articles that enlighten me with new topics!