Cracking the Software Interview-III

In this episode of Pep and Prep talks! the host is having a conversation with Garvit Bhateja (who has joined Commvault as an Associate Engineer) regarding his placement experience for the software roles.

Pep and Prep talks!

I had a great conversation with Garvit regarding:
📌 the placements process of the company he landed
📌 learning from failed interviews
📌 importance of mentioning the internships/projects on resume
📌CS concepts that are mandatory to go through according to him for someone applying for software roles from non-CS background.

Thus giving a great idea about the amount of preparation that is required.

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Bilwa Gaonker

Bilwa Gaonker


Curious about new technology | Host of podcast ‘Pep and Prep talks!’| Love to read articles that enlighten me with new topics!