Let’s talk Management Roles for Freshers!

In this episode of Pep and Prep talks! the host is in conversation with one of her close friends Ishita Singh, regarding the preparation required to get a job in one of the management roles (Analyst, Business Analyst etc.) being from an engineering background.

📌 Being from a electronics background herself, she talks about the preparation that goes into applying for the job and standing out amongst the crowd.

📌 She describes the career path related to these roles.

📌 She discusses about applying for jobs off-campus.

📌 In addition to this, she tells us the importance of networking on platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn.

📌Furthermore talking about the correct way of approaching the recruiters on LinkedIn.

📌 Also warns us about the FAKE JOB offers on the sites/mails.

Do listen to this great episode on…

Make sure you listen till the end to not miss out on some great advice!
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In case of any queries, feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn or Twitter.

And in case you want to reach out to Ishita regarding the same, feel free to reach out to her on LinkedIn and Twitter :)



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Bilwa Gaonker

Bilwa Gaonker


Curious about new technology | Host of podcast ‘Pep and Prep talks!’| Love to read articles that enlighten me with new topics!