Welcome to PEP NETWORK by Mobigraph

The First Decentralized & Personalized Content Ecosystem for Next Billion Users

PEP NETWORK is the first ecosystem on blockchain for personalized and self expressive content that fosters direct economic relationships between developers, creators, consumers & render farmers, with value shared among the participants. The purpose of this ecosystem is to create a digital economy for runtime personalized self-expressive content creation, sharing and consumption.

With our patented technology on personalized expression, we are taking the whole world a step ahead to go beyond the current state of art emoticons and stickers. Our ecosystem which brings in content creators and consumers under one umbrella with fair economics will provide the perfect platform for content trade.

Token Economics :
PEP token will be the unit of account for all economic transactions within our ecosystem. It is a utility token. PEP token gives access to content and services in our ecoSystem, It gives rights to program, render , develop & create content. Additionaly premium services and content can be subscribed with PEP.

More information available at 
our Website
our whitepaper
Our ANN thread

Token Distribution :-
Hard Cap : USD 30 Million
Payment Methods : BTC, ETH
Total Pep : 600 Million
Price of PEP : 0.10 USD
% of Pep for Sale : 50% or 300 Million

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