Introducing the PEPPA NETWORK

Moses Ip
Moses Ip
May 5 · 4 min read

What is Peppa network?

Peppa Network is an innovative new cryptocurrency designed
by enthusiasts for blockchain technology and children’s

The network uses a zero-reserved fair launch method, whereby
100% of the issued PEPPA enter the liquidity pool from which
holders can purchase. This structure ensures an open and fair
issuance of our token.

PEPPA tokens can also be obtained through competitions in
Peppa World. Aside from large potential financial gains, as
Peppa World develops many more exciting features will be
revealed. The project eventually aims for complete

What is PEPPA token?

Peppa Pig needs no introduction, a well-known and much-loved
character and brand for children around the world. Much like
DOGE, PEPPA is a meme coin based around the branding and
aesthetics of Peppa Pig.


We have associated our project with the Peppa Pig brand to help
engage with a younger audience. Our goal is to aid the

development of the next generation, and to help parents
incentivise good behaviour. Participation in Peppa world will
help users’ development in planning and application, while also
engaging the imagination through a well-known character.

Peppa Network offers a fun first experience into the world of
technology and cryptography through a relatable childhood
world. On top of this, through good performance, the user will
accumulate PEPPA tokens which ultimately can be transformed
into real world wealth and value.

What are the tokenomics?

The cultivation of consensus will reduce the amount of PEPPA
in circulation over time, raising the value of the token. The NFT
will serve as a long-term insurance on the investment.

What is Peppa World?

Peppa World is a virtual reality world with Peppa ID-NFT as the
population. Peppa ID-NFT can simulate any imaginable
industry in this world, with users able to participate in the
operation of Peppa’s world, manage their own PEPPA wealth
and understand the laws of operation in the real world.

The buildings in Peppa World will include government
buildings used for policy proposals and management and
academy builds for pioneering proposals and subproject

There will also be buildings representing a Dapp such as banks,
schools, and art galleries corresponding to industries such as
finance, architecture, education, and art. ID-NFT can
participate in imaginable activities in this world. Every building
needs the participation of Peppa ID-NFT from planning,
fundraising, construction, and operation.

Ultimately, Peppa World will be built into a self-operated traffic
portal, and more MEME communities such as Doge, Shib,
Lowb, Pig will be admitted, and allowed to enter the world to
work. As a dividend for the PEPPA fans, a visitor fee will be

What is the ID-NFT?

Different from other NFTs, the ID-NFT can evolve and be split.
The initial Peppa ID-NFT has only three attributes: skin color,
star sign, and obedient value. In the future, other professional
skill attributes will appear to suit different professional needs.

In Peppa World the NFT will evolve based on their attribute and
skill mastery, through study, work and other activities.
Eventually the NFT will evolve into something completely
unique. On top of this, mastery of different skills will allow the
Peppa ID-NFT to take on more types of work in this world and
earn more PEPPA tokens.

What is the application of PEPPA token in Peppa

PEPPA will build various value locking or burning scenarios in
the application layer of Peppaworld.

The token is used to develop Peppa NFT, acquire Peppa World
land, and pay for construction development costs. It can also be
used for bank storage and lending, art collection and auction,
and many other features of Peppa World. All application
scenarios will require the process of planning, proposal,
fundraising, development and construction. Dapp will be
presented as architecture in Peppa World, and excellent
architecture will also be a store of value.

What is our current stage of development?

Our first steps of development include:

 PEPPA children’s wallet
 PEPPA World and other infrastructure

We will continue to invest in building development interfaces
and accommodate other project parties in the near future.

After the completion of the Peppa World infrastructure
construction, we will set up the Academy of Sciences building to
attract more development teams.

How does Peppa Network operate?

Peppa Network is promoted by community volunteers with
common hobbies, as opposed to unfair standard methods of
voting and monopolistic community management.

Community members will support outstanding proposals or
sub-project development by participating in fundraising in
order to obtain priority returns. Volunteers will not receive any





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