A groovy culinary workshop.

Teaching is one of my greatest passions, after cooking. Unlearning is even more fun. Teaching kids is where I learn and unlearn most. Teaching cooking, well you can imagine what a joy it must be for the cook in me!

I love initiating interacting cooking workshops for various world cuisines and bakery, including bread making.

If you can put together a group of people, kids and adults separate ofcorse, in any part of India, get in touch with me. Since I hate boredom and absolutely love having fun and giggling, get ready for some laughter filled and knowledge packed interactions during our workshops. I may often give you more information than needed. For example when we have our fresh pasta classes, be rest assured, I will say things like- ‘Back in the days when mothers would find their sons a wife, they would make sure they could move their booty, because that as a body movement is similar to the one we use to knead pasta dough, freshly!’ (Obviously only in adult classes)

Now the reason for this additional story telling is only for you to be transported to lands of close and far away beauty. The real way to understand the food of a space, is to feel the essence of its culture and romanticise with it. Wholly involve yourself and every senses, along with your body movement. When we are truly one with the food we cook, that’s when magic begins. ☺

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