A sit down 7 course meal for the ‘Come Home Chef’.

A sit down 7 course meal, or even better, a 10 course meal is like preparing for an impromptu single man’s play. Because cooking for me is like painting, without a compilation clearly outlined in my mind, I merely pick up a paint brush and paint. Let my body movements guide me. Cooking, isn’t much different. Except its a series of beautiful moments(past & present)and experiences stitched together which bring forth some of my best cooking in its true essence. Unadulterated art, when truly inspired flavours come together as elements, which dance together before me, as I start cooking. Especially the elaborate course dinners, I love feeding people. When each course is laid, I love to be right there, and engage my audience with tales of what inspired the food on their plates and my imagination to produce the same. Its like a non fiction play!

This Christmas, I cooked an elaborate 9 course vegetarian meal for a friend, Abhinav, at his beautiful terrace garden.

Here’s the menu:

Fresh Halloumi bread & green hummus (served with home made onion jam)

Roasted asparagus & sage soup

Aubergine caprese with Thai basil pesto

Sun kissed vegetables & horseradish

Southern Pan Asian warm salad

handmade forest mushroom torillini with porcini cream

Avocado sorbet

Beetroot cheesecake served with white chocolate sponge

Orange chocolate truffles

Does it sound tasty and beautiful? Well, you can have it your way, for your occasion too! A wonderful sit down course meal. We can make it as glamorous as you like. All you need to do, is connect with me, and leave the rest to me.

Also, let me leave you with some more info on a typical French Course Meal.

Find here an example of a typical 14 course meal-

Oysters or clams on a half shell. Alternatively, fruit or caviar may be served

Soup (each guest may choose between clear or thick)

Radishes, celery, olives, and almonds (or relish)

Fish, with potatoes and cucumbers with oil & vinegar

Sweetbreads (or mushrooms)

A roast with a green vegetable

Frozen Roman punch (an alcoholic fruit punch thickened with egg whites)

Game (poultry or any other fleshy meat caught) with salad

Artichokes, asparagus, or spinach inside a shell of pastry

Creamed sweet (e.g. a heavy pudding)

Frozen sweet (e.g. a sorbet or ice cream)

Cheeses with biscuits and butter

Crystallized and stuffed dried fruits served with bonbons

Coffee, liqueurs, cognac, and sparkling water

(at this time cigars may be smoked)

See you sooner, on the flip side!

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