Gourmet Food Vacations and seasonal menus and exquisite experiential dining events.

Services hospitality establishments can expect from Pepperstar.

The concept of food vacations is inspired around premium seasonal menus, infused with local produce and flavors of that region. Such weekends would be made up of 6 meals of extraordinary and thoughtfully made food. People would be willing to pay good money for this when marketed correctly. There is really no such weekend getaways around in untouched exotic properties, where people which to come and relax and switch off, offering such personalized food services. Forget about cities, they can never create such experiences. The concept of food vacation will not only be for the guests of your establishments, but for all travelers who can now customise and tell us about the food they want in advance during their visit to that demography. All these possibilities is what these premium food vactions are made of.

We will also do food centric nights on weekends. We could charge such weekends of 2 days and 6 premium meals, including stay. We could also throw in some wine paired with meals. The added advantage for you here would be more clientele visiting to experience such food vacations.

We will also do food centric nights on weekends, and explore various eclectic global cuisines on chosen nights.

We could add an additional season menu as ‘Soul Food by Pepperstar’ to your property and train your kitchen staff if they are willing to learn the recipes on such menus, as on non-event days, this will help create more revenues. I am happy to also go through your current menu and curate it better if you like. All this could lead to the possibility of making your establishment into a brand of great food with an excellent location.

I would also be happy to train your staff if they are willing to learn about the concept and execution of sit down 7 course meals. We can create such experiential dining events in your dining space for special nights or weekends, using the sesonal produce of that season, with flavours infused from around the globe. These experiences are a Pepperstar signature!

Lets get to work! :)

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