Consultancy, customized.

To those in the thick and thin of the food industry, this post is for you. Wherever you are, whomever you may be!

If you’re looking for someone to come and join your team or help you with your own restaurant space, however big or small, get in touch with me.

For those who are looking at establishing themselves as restaurateurs -

I can start right at the beginning in your head, with you, when your thoughts are just beginning to mix and bake in your mind, or merely the passion in your heart is driving you to flow towards this big fascinating, colourful world of food and hospitality. From conceptualising to design, to branding and marketing, to menu planning and training your guys (which is most fun!), am there! Basically the whole roadmap, while I travel beside you, till we reach our very last milestone. Within my team I have interior designers and kickass marketeers who will find every hidden hack, to place you correctly, exactly where you want to be seen. Let’s get our initial dialogue started, and see how it goes. If our vibes sync, then get ready world, here comes some magic!

For those who are looking for a team member for assignments and freelancing, get in touch with me to taste my love for food, if you haven’t already, and then let’s go a go go from there. Am really excited to always do new projects, of all sorts, anywhere. Remember I love serious work, but I like to keep the childlike playfulness alive, while working. No boredom please. I have a knack of turning boring things into fun!

We go to different locations and puts food into the sceme of things of hotels- big or small, guest houses in beautiful locations, which can do with a solid pick me up. For in great hospitality, the prime priority is often extra-ordinary food. This alone can create great experiences sometimes.

We have to feel your kitchen and your property and your soul around such matters. I come and initiate things and then a pepperstar chef will come in my place and continue to take things forward, depending on the contract we have. The more and the best you can offer us on your property, we will be in more creative space maximizing on your best. Invite us to come and fee your food scheme of things so we can give you a constructive and customised feedback on how to improve your menu and dishes, based on the flavour palette and experience of eating in the world’s finest.

So here’s the deal. I love cooking. And more than cooking, my absolute love to feed people is what takes me to spaces ‘un’visited, within me. Maybe that’s why I’m alive, in this body, in this human form. I love talking about food, global cuisines and share cultural stories and tales of my travels from here and there. I look forward to working together with those who appreciate real soulful food. Let’s go back to the beginning, to where food was cooked mindfully and only with love!

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