Soul full catering

At Pepperstar we don’t cook like the ordinary caterers, who are happy to commercialize and bulk produce every food that is sent out from our travelling Star* Kitchen. Infact all the food is cooked by me, with other to help me with my mise en place. Our love for cooking Is felt in every balanced bite you eat, with spurts of surprise and joy, here and there. We believe that every dish, for every client, in every event, deserves to have only the best and most unique menus. Plus, we are very confident with innovation, which gives us a chance to explore experimentation and in turn, we never find our selves bored.

We absolutely love cooking vegetarian food. Just call us with your favourite cuisine, flavours or even mood, and we will work with you to create the most perfect menu for a fabulous meal that awaits you. For musing you with some of our menus, don’t let yourself be confined at all. As we keep travelling, we keep adding more and more to our basket of dishes, and most importantly inspirations.

Starting from indoor catering to outdoor catering. And our speciality is the ‘Come Home Chef’, our very favourite.

Call today, to taste the love.

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