What’s your Food Philosophy?

As we are growing and progressing, we are closely moving forward like the fashion industry of what’s in vogue and what’s ‘so last season’. But here’s the thing. Food for me is nothing less than God. Cooking is my art, one of my highest creative forms that flows through my being like breath, if not more subtly. It’s like worship, like ‘puja’, in its truest essence — That of devotion, purely.

I was 7 when I cooked my first dish on the fire hob. It was almost perfect without knowledge. A mix of everyday Indian household vegetables, diced and spiced and cooked to the right crunch. Absurdly I still remember that texture of what I made and how my first dish was flavoured. Having grown up playing with McDonald’s kitchen sets and that of others, I never once assumed cooking could be my profession. I guess it came too naturally, almost like thinking, thus it was taken for granted. The only thing I understood was creations in all forms. I knew that was where I had to be, thus chose art and design, mostly fashion as my way of reflecting my thoughts, sharing it with the outside world. I very excitedly pursued fashion design and fashion print in London, in the most reputed colleges of the world- London college of fashion & Central Saint martins college of art & design, respectively. As much as I rejoiced in my decision, there was something within me that kept draining. It’s the creativity and art flow that kept me going for as long as it did, but in time I realized that the fashion industry was almost as plastic and unreal as the makeup the models wore was. (No offence. I enjoy makeup too!)

I’d had about enough in 3 years and felt lost, to find myself in cooking, again. Where it had all begun. Where I had found my strength and reality and meaning of being. It was so pure and real, like that of my love for cooking and more than that, the immense love for feeding any and everyone. I was fortunate to further my culinary skills professionally at Le Cordon Bleu, Paris in both cuisine and patisserie. Though I must add,travelling is the best way to learn cooking, and feed your senses with it, in every enigmatic way. As I’m growing and learning, I see, often the similarities of plastic, in well manicured food, which is almost pretentious! It breaks my heart, but I still say, all kinds make the world. Pretentious beauty, I must add, is amusing to the senses for a while. ☺

As a chef I adhere by only one rule broadly-

Responsible cooking- hygiene, safety, cleanliness and most importantly healthy-mindful cooking for those I feed.

When you ask me to cook for you, or if you happen to swing by my events or spaces, look forward to some soulful cooking only. Know that you will go back satisfied and with some happy memories and experiences which you will keep in your heart for a very very long time. Don’t expect food that is only purely perfectly pruned, like those bonsaists who claim to love trees and plants!

If you just want to eat for the love of good food, and beautiful eating experiences, give me a shout. You see I love cooking too much, to give you anything lesser than that!

P.S. -Absolutely love Jamie Oliver for his honest food!