Perceivant Acquires Bearface Instructional Technologies

Perceivant, Bearface Poised to Disrupt Digital Education

Indianapolis, IN August 19, 2015

Perceivant, a dynamic cloud-based data analytics solution for education and healthcare, has acquired Bearface Instructional Technologies, LLC, an education technology company that provides personalized web-based learning, assessment and data analytics for higher education. Bearface launched its first products early this year and serves more than 7,000 students at eight colleges and universities.

“Our acquisition of Bearface advances Perceivant’s mission to be the leading analytics provider in education, particularly health education. Bearface’s content delivery application gives Perceivant a strategic point of entry into the higher education market,” said Brian Rowe, CEO of Perceivant.

This merger represents the convergence of big data and higher education. Powered by Perceivant’s analytics, Bearface enables educators to easily collect, analyze and report changes in students’ behavior, attitudes and problem-solving skills, and to leverage analytics to demonstrate course efficacy, as well as measure engagement and retention.

“We are investing in web-based instructional technologies that enable students to solve problems and adapt, not just memorize facts,” said Chris Johnson, CEO of Bearface. “Brian Rowe and his development team bring technical expertise and experience that enables Bearface to deliver a revolutionary learning platform for higher education.”

About Perceivant:
Perceivant’ Data Dojo is the fastest cloud-based data analytics solution on the market. Data Dojo can process terabytes of structured and unstructured data in real time and deliver to decision makers in a readable, actionable format. With Data Dojo, queries take seconds, not minutes. A user-friendly interface enables non-technical users to perform complex data analysis and make decisions driven by insight. For more information, visit

About Bearface:
Bearface Instructional Technologies, LLC provides web-based learning materials and assessment tools via a content delivery application that is revolutionizing how students learn and teachers teach. Bearface provides universities and educators with robust, user-friendly data analytics to demonstrate they are graduating students with the learned behaviors critical to professional and personal success. For more information, visit

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