Reflections on a Funeral

The Funeral of Prince Philip

This past Saturday, the funeral of Prince Philip- Duke of Edinburgh and the Queen of England’s husband (for those unaware)- displayed the sacrosanct traditions of the British monarchy to millions of viewers around the world. From the music to the stylized Range Rover that carried his coffin, the event celebrated a man symbolic of . He served during WWII when the values of service, humility and nationalism sustained the nation. All the symbols- flags, swords, songs, bagpipes, soldiers, Anglican priests, women in stylish chignons- walking coats-stilettos-hats and the oh-so-English curricle that carried the Prince’s…

Dissolving into your surroundings and connecting with nature

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We are part of nature. It’s undeniable. Though we certainly attempt to deny it constantly, with our hacks to avoid getting natural viruses and our living situations where we stay in climate-controlled homes far away from dirt, we are completely interconnected with and indebted to the movement of the planet (circadian rhythms) and the nourishment of the environment around us (clean food, water, and air). Many of us already know this.

I’ve known this.

When I go down to the marsh next to our apartment complex, I dissolve.

How does one dissolve into a marsh? Well, it took time. I…

Two duelling myths about a much-discussed and little-understood movement

Here’s a photo of Antifa, existing. Note logos, flags, insignia, t-shirts

I had just managed to get out of Bangkok in the early months of COVID () when I found myself at the locus of the next massive societal upheaval — The George Floyd Uprising in Portland. I’ve been participating in this sort of protest since , up through the several waves of demonstrations under the Black Lives Matter banner that one might trace to the murder of in 2012. I believe in this cause. Growing up as I did in poor Los Angeles neighborhoods in the 1970s-90s, I’ve seen for myself how the violent occupation…

It seemed impossible but wasn’t

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At the end of February, my aunt suggested that I take my passion for writing on to Medium. I took up her suggestion and I couldn’t be more grateful to her.

At the time, I was living in France, so I had a lot to write about. I published my first article, titled, “”. The article did fairly okay in terms of views and member reading time. But, what really excited me was the realm of possibility of being able to write anything I wanted on the platform. Feeling inspired and…

The positivity of being WE and disregarding “us” or “them” is tremendous.

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We are all one.

When you get past these physical bodies we identify ourselves as, the communities and affiliations you and I place ourselves within, and any other identifications you can imagine — we are the same.

At our core, we are Universal source energy. It doesn’t matter if you are male, female, fat, thin, Christian, atheist, American, Korean, or whatever other labels you can think of. At our core, to our deepest level of existence — you and I are just energy and the same as one another.

There are numerous reasons for the stratifications we have in modern…

Even days after watching this film, I am still reeling from the story.

*Spoilers below

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If you haven’t seen this movie, then please stop reading, I don’t want to spoil it, because it is truly worth watching.

When I sat down to watch this movie, I knew what I was going to be watching, or at least, I thought I did. I’d seen the trailer and the hype — scorned woman goes on revenge spree against men — it’s nothing we haven’t seen before.

But oh my, how I was wrong.

Emerald Fennell has produced a masterpiece. A raw, hard stare into modern rape culture and its effects on women.

The movie takes…

It’s great to see some positive school news.

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Sometimes cliches are ubiquitous cliches for good reason. The amazing teacher changing a student’s life with a remarkable and fun class perfectly fits that bill. This just what is happening in a high school in a tiny Ohio city.

is a sleepy hamlet of a little over 5,000 people as of the 2010 Census. It is the county seat of and the only incorporated city in — despite about the 93,000 people who live there.

Do not mistake the quiet nature of the city for boredom or banality though. is proving their hometown…

It's not hard

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There are a plethora of habits, thought processes and notions that are contributing to the halt of societal progression. It is important for white people to acknowledge all these factors that are contributing to slowing our push for change.

If white people looked at these factors and assessed whether they are actively contributing to reaffirming racism and upholding white supremacy by continuing these habits.

It shouldn't be an unbearable task to recognise and to be aware and actively work to dismantle what is upholding white supremacy. …

It is fair to pass judgment on Adam Toledo’s death.

Two weeks ago, a Chicago Police Officer shot and killed 13-year-old Adam Toledo.

What occurred in the early morning hours of March 29, 2021, was a terrible tragedy, but a misfortune which could have been averted. According to a reliable account of the incident, shortly after 2:30 a.m., a ShotSpotter detected a burst of gunfire in the area of the 2300 block of South Sawyer Avenue. Responding to the clatter of shots, two Chicago Police Department (CPD) tactical officers arrived at the scene and discovered two males in the area…

The Revisionists’ Favorite Question

President Kennedy at Rice University (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Myths and conspiracy theories are common when it comes to historical figures, but perhaps none more so than those surrounding U.S. president John F. Kennedy. In the nearly six decades since his assassination in Dallas on November 22, 1963 a cottage industry has grown up around the myriad conspiracy theories about his death. There are simply too many of those to cover in one article, so today I will instead address a single question that has persisted since the assassination, one that has led to many myths and much revisionist history: what would have happened if Kennedy had lived?


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